Space Qualification

Space qualification begins during the material selection at the design stage. TRM Microwave’s Space qualification is specific to the end user's environment, mission profile and mission critical mindset.

TRM selects materials that meet the NASA outgassing standards of 1% TML and .1% CVCM. Epoxy cure cycles effect the outgassing of the final material and TRM uses NASA approved cure cycles for these epoxies to ensure compliance to outgassing requirements.

CTE is as much a key parameter when selecting a material for severe environments as is its electrical properties; TRM takes the entire environment into consideration when selecting our materials

TRM customizes product screening levels to meet your exact environmental and mission profile specifications. 

Multipaction Analysis is always conducted in the initial phase of the design cycle. Any potential areas of concern are designed out of the product. 

Documentation Traceability – Process Identifications Documentation (PID) is performed to assure all customer specifications are addressed & documented.

Component assemblies are subjected to several levels of quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process. 

Typical testing includes:

  • Qualification
  • Process quality inspection
  • Environmental stress screening and validation
  • Vibration, shock, humidity and thermal cycling, thermal vacuum
  • Temperature