Power Dividers and Combiners


This Multi-octave unit is designed utilizing microstrip technology in a slim form factor allowing for tight packaging configurations. It covers all frequency bands from 2 - 4 GHz, 4 - 8 GHz, 8 - 15 GHz, 15 - 16 GHz, 16 - 18 GHz, 18 - 20 GHz, 20 - 26.5 GHz and is very popular for applications such as serial data transmit/receive systems, test systems, and general purpose lab use. Design package accommodates SMA, N, BNC and TNC connectors. Specific performance values are frequency dependent. Electrical performance shown in table below is typical. 


  • Small Size & Weight
  • T configuration
  • Standard SMA Connectors (N, BNC, TNC optional)

Finish: Chemical Conversion Coating per MIL-DTL-5541 Class 3 (optional paint available upon request)
Marking: All units supplied with P/N and date code on polyester label (special marking available upon request)
Electrical Test: All units tested on a Go/No-go basis (plotted data available upon request). Specifications indicated are subject to change. Unless otherwise specified, electrical properties correspond to use with standard SMA connectors.
Dimensions: All dimensions are expressed in inches, (1 inch = 25.4mm). All dimensions indicated are subject to change. Unless otherwise specified, tolerances for decimals are ±0.02 for .XX and ±0.005 for .XXX. Tolerances for angles are ±0°30'.
Temperature: Units designed to operate -55° to +85° C.

General Parameters:
Type: 2-WAY
Freq Range: 2.0-26.5 GHz
Low Frequency [MHz]: 2000
High Frequency [MHz]: 26500
Insertion Loss [dB]: 1
Isolation [dB]: 15
VSWR [:1]: 1.50:1
VSWR2: 1.30:1
Amplitude Balance [dB]: 0.4
Phase Balance [deg]: 4
Input Power [W]: 10

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