Power Dividers and Combiners


This series provides a small housing size and surface volume to facilitate use in dense packaging applications. Radial leads allow for drop-in circuit configurations. 


  • Low VSWR
  • High Isolation
  • Compact, drop-in Packaging
  • Economical Cost

Housing: Gold Plated per MIL-G-45204 Type 3 Class 2.
Cover: Electroless Nickel per MIL-C-26074 Class I.
Marking: All units supplied with P/N and date code on polyester label (special marking available upon request).
Electrical Test: All units tested on a Go/No-go basis (custom plotted data available upon request). Specifications indicated are subject to change. Unless otherwise specified, electrical properties correspond to use with standard SMA connectors.
Dimensions: All dimensions are expressed in inches, (1 inch = 25.4mm). All dimensions indicated are subject to change. Unless otherwise specified, tolerances for decimals are ±0.02 for .XX and ±0.005 for .XXX. Tolerances for angles are ±0°30'. Temperature: Units designed to operate -55° to +85° C.

General Parameters:
Type: 2-WAY
Freq Range: 1-600 MHz
Low Frequency [MHz]: 1
High Frequency [MHz]: 600
Insertion Loss [dB]: 0.6
Isolation [dB]: 26
VSWR [:1]: 1.40:1
VSWR2: 1.40:1
Amplitude Balance [dB]: 0.2
Phase Balance [deg]: 2
Input Power [W]: 1.5

3D View

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