TRM Team Moves into New Building

TRM Microwave’s state-of-the-art expansion has been completed and the TRM team has occupied the new space for enhanced manufacturing and design work. The 13,696-foot expansion, built by Sullivan Construction in partnership with Udelsman Associates, nearly doubles the size of TRM’s Bedford headquarters. The additional space allows for increased production and innovation. 

The new customized and configurable production floor is designed for optimized efficiency and versatility, with ample space and amenities to host customers, vendors and representatives.

The larger facility allows for workforce growth and increased depth of TRM’s bench, including subject matter experts and support teams. TRM Microwave grew to nearly 75 employees during the expansion process, but the company is actively seeking fresh talent to grow its engineering and product development departments.

“We have some fantastic engineers right now. I want more,” said Shaun Moore, Chief Technology Officer/Applications Engineer for TRM. “We build highly-customized components with very specific requirements. We work with customers on a daily basis to find the best solution for their challenges. That’s why we’ve been successful.”

TRM’s expansion coincides with the introduction of a New Product Introduction team, for accelerating innovation and execution of new designs.

Highlights of TRM Microwave’s expansion include:

  • Dedicated ESS lab for advanced testing capabilities
  • Enhanced in-house testing capability, providing efficiency and real-time results and response
  • Rated firewall between two separate units of the building, offering risk mitigation in the event of a disaster
  • High powered generator adequate to service the full building on-demand in the event of a power outage
  • Increased cyber security measures and enhanced network capability
  • Increased physical security measures and visitor registration system to ensure a safe and secure facility at all times
  • Investment in business systems and data infrastructure to provide automation, offering improved efficiency and accuracy
  • Additional measures to ensure the safety of teams and ongoing operations, with adequate distance between workstations and UV light air filters throughout the building

TRM is continuing to improve its corporate headquarters through a second phase of the project that will fully renovate the original facility. A grand opening of the full campus will be announced in 2021.