Manufacturing Capabilities

Quantic TRM has a fully equipped facilities with over 24,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space including configurable cells and new automated capabilities. Quantic TRM delivers precise and efficient RF/Microwave components and integrated subsystem assembly solutions with consistent reliability for the space, defense and commercial markets.


  • Machine shop for custom prototyping
  • Mark Two Industrial Strength 3D Printer that nearly doubles tool production for endless applications like Resistor tools, Coax tools, Vibration fixtures, Oven fixtures, Prototype housings with nickel plating and Laser alignment fixtures.


  • Cartesian robot - custom designed robotic cover for measuring and threaded fastener installation station
  • Highly skilled, cross-trained, certified operators
  • Optical assembly verification built into assembly process
  • Robotic product assembly
  • RoHS compliant (if requested)
  • Servo press - custom press for dimensionally adjusting the thickness for stripline construction dialectric boards
  • Small runs are accepted
  • Soldering

Surface Mount Line and Automated Equipment

  • Automated Mydata PCB pick and place machine
  • CMM
  • Custom programmable heated platten press for product sealing
  • Mirtec MV-3 OMNI AOI Machine
  • Programmable robotic solder paste and epoxy dispensers
  • Solder paste screen print machine
  • SMT programmable reflow oven