Engineering Services

TRM is your Design and Production Partner 

We work engineer to engineer to serve as an extension to your team whether you need new product development or are launching from an existing design. One of Quantic TRM's key strengths lies in our ability to utilize core technologies to provide innovative custom-engineered solutions for military, space and commercial applications. Our core technologies include:

  • Ferrite, 
  • Strip-line
  • Microstrip
  • Coaxial
  • Airstrip

Design and Development Process

Quantic TRM has a structured design approach with internal and external milestones and engineering validation on all new designs. We maintain overall responsibility throughout the product's life cycle to ensure the highest quality result is delivered at the most affordable cost.

  • Receive Design Inputs 
  •  Plan and Initiate Design Cycle 
  •  Detailed Design Work 
  •  Release Design Outputs 
  •  Verify Design 
  •  Manufacturing Preparation & Documentation 
  •  Validate Design 
  •  Full Production 
  •  Review Project & Close Out 

Email us at with your application requirements and our team will respond with a custom solution.